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  Holiday Shutdown
03. Jul. 2017.       
Please be informed that NIVELCO will have its usual Holiday Shutdown between the

24th of July and the 4th of August

it will resume full operations on the 7th of August.
We advise you to keep on sending your orders during our shutdown period because order processing will be done on ′′first come first served′′ basis. Please note that we will start shipping in the 33rd week (from 14th of August).
During the timeframe of the shutdown you will be able to communicate with us, the on-line service by our export staff will be available.
Thank for your understanding.

NIVELCO Export Marketing
  EasyTREK SP-500
16. Jun. 2017.       
The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 series can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range.
  Water Supplies-Sewarage Exhibition 2017, Czech Republic
01. Jun. 2017.       
Water Supplies-Sewarage Exhibition organised by Exponex s.r.o. was held in Prague on 23-25.5.2017 and this year marked its´ 20th anniversary. The exhibition is organised once in two years and is among the most important events focused on water management in the Czech Republic. The number of exhibitors is almost 400 and the number of visitors reached above 9000.
Just like last year, NIVELCO brand was represented by our Czech branch NIVELCO BOHEMIA s.r.o. Everybody who visited our booth had the possibility to see some of our products among them a working Parshall fume with level measuring ultrasonic transmitter EasyTREK and multichannel process controller MultiCONT. In the name of our Czech colleagues, we would like to thank everybody who visited our booth and we look forward to the next year.
  EXPOAPA 2017
29. May. 2017.       
Our Romanian subsidiary NIVELCO TEHNICA MĂSURĂRII SRL took part in the EXPOAPA 2017 trade fair and displayed NIVELCO product range and the latest developed products to the visitors. We thank to all of our Partners who visited us on this event!
  Application Guide
18. May. 2017.       
NIVELCO has renewed the Application Guide selection chart for level transmitters and level switches. The chart below is a fairly wide spectrum of mediums typical for the most important industry segments. The content of the chart is only informational, please regard it as a recommendation.
  NIVELCO Magazine 2017/1
10. May. 2017.       
The 2017/1 issue of NIVELCO Magazine is published.
From its content:
  • NIVELCO in exhibitions
  • Five years of NIVELCO Mjerna
  • PiloTREK W-100 with planar antenna
  • New FM approved NIVOSWITCH
  • EasyTREK and MultiCONT applications in Czech Republic
  Construction Material and Instrumentation thematic brochure
09. May. 2017.       
NIVELCO has created a new colour brochure titled Construction Material and Instrumentation.
The six page brochure highlights the instruments NIVELCO recommends for the construction material industry, mostly in level switching and level measurement of problematic solid materials.
  NIVELCO ACADEMY is on its way
27. Apr. 2017.       
The new, „NIVELCO ACADEMY” project started in 2017. This project – mostly – contains videos that demonstrate our products’ operating principles, properties and application areas. The completed videos will be uploaded to NIVELCO’s official YouTube channel and other online interfaces, which can help our company’s marketing appearance and toolset.
Our first video presents the NIVOMAG MK-200 series magnetic coupling level switch.
  Noa Szőllős is the champion of the Whistler Cup!
20. Apr. 2017.       
The Whistler Cup is the biggest event for young racers before they’re eligible to compete in the World Cup or the Olympics.
This year marks the Whistler Cup’s 25th anniversary and it hosted more than 440 athletes from 23 different countries across the globe, making it the largest youth ski racing event in North America.
Noa Szőllős, the 14 years old racer of NIVELCO Racing Team took part in the three-day long competition as a member of the Hungarian national team. In the very first race she already showed that she should be feared even in Canada, as she finished second in slalom, on a -for her- very different kind of snow. There were more than 120 racers in her class, so the second day’s parallel slalom -what is a new competition at world cups- turned into a huge celebration! She had never participated in such a big competition, and in a huge race she finished third in the 10-round race! The highlight of the whole event for the NIVELCO Racing Team’s youngster was the giant slalom race on the last day, where she won both run with a nearly 3 second ahead, and as a result of it, the Whistler Cup.
The Hungarian National Anthem was played in her honor while she was on the top of the podium with the Hungarian national flag.
  Food industry instrumentation thematic brochure
19. Apr. 2017.       
NIVELCO has created a new colour brochure titled Food Industry Instrumentation.
The eight page brochure highlights the instruments NIVELCO recommends for the food / beverage applications. Instrument selection is aided by flowcharts depicting typical food production processes.
  Noa Szőllős on the top of the podium for fifteen times!!!
03. Apr. 2017.       
Noa Szőllős, 14 years old racer of NIVELCO Racing Team finished a superb season.
She finished on the podium for more than thirty times. Some of her achievements are precious first places such as the international FIS teenager race or the cup races in Styria and Murau, and last but not least, the Hungarian Championship title.
NIVELCO Process Control Co. congratulates to her young racer!
  Product Overview 2017
06. Mar. 2017.       
With one of the widest portfolios of the process instrumentation industry, NIVELCO publishes its revamped, 2017 Edition Product Overview colour brochure. This tool helps to review the main features, application possibilities and technical data of all NIVELCO instruments.
  Another great result for NIVELCO Racing Team
03. Mar. 2017.       
The 2016/2017 Hungarian Championship was organized by The Hungarian Ski Federations at Lachtal, Austria. The racers of NIVELCO RACING TEAM won 5 out of 6 Hungarian Championship Titles.
Barnabás Szőllős (18) with winning the adult Alpine Combined Championship is now a 16 times Hungarian Champion. Benjamin Szőllős (20) won in four events. He finished first in all the youth events (slalom, giant slalom, and alpine combined), and he was the best Hungarian skier in the adult giant slalom race. With these results, he became a 17 times Hungarian Champion.
NIVELCO Process Control Co. congratulates and wishes further successes to our competitors!
  Product Catalogue 2017
18. Jan. 2017.       
Our new, updated 2017 Edition of Complete Product Catalogue is available to download!
The 204 pages of the catalogue contains:
  • Company Profile
  • Technical data of all our instruments
  • All available order codes
  Winter shutdown
01. Dec. 2016.       
Please be informed that also this year NIVELCO will be closed between the

23rd of December 2016 and the 1st of January 2017

due to winter holidays. We will resume operations on the 2nd of January.

According to the shipping terms in our Product Catalogue, if you send your orders till the 7th of December, we should send out your shipments till the 22nd of December. We recommend you to send your orders till the 7th of December to be sure that we can deliver it till the 22nd of December.
Your orders received after this date will be collected here and will be processed on a first come first served basis. Please note that we will start shipping in the 2nd week of 2017 (from 9th of January). During the first weeks of January we can deliver only products that are available from stock. The on-line service by our export staff will be available on the following days: 23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th of December.

NIVELCO Export Marketing
  Instruments for water industry from potable water ... to sewage!
16. Nov. 2016.       
NIVELCO has renewed the colour brochure titled Water Industry Instrumentation.
The 6 page brochure highlights the instruments NIVELCO recommended for the water / wastewater applications. Instrument selection is aided by flowcharts depicting typical water production and purification processes.
  NIVELCO Magazine 2016/2
14. Oct. 2016.       
The 2016/2 issue of NIVELCO Magazine is published.

From its content:
  • The short chronology of NIVELCO’s last 5 years
  • 1000 new square meters production area
  • NIVELCO’s first FM approval
  • Laser engraved marks on NIVELCO instruments
  • PiloTREK & NIVOCAP CK application in Romania
  Summer Paralympic Games in Brazil
15. Sep. 2016.       
The Hungarian Paralympic Team was remarkably successful in the Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The Hungarian Paralympic Team finished the competition with a total of 18 medals, and earned the 47th place on the medals table among the 162 participating countries.
NIVELCO Process Control Co. the sponsor of the Hungarian Team congratulates and wishes further successes to our competitors!
  VRAC TECH Expo, France
05. Sep. 2016.       
Between 4 and 6 October 2016 VRAC TECH Expo trade show will be held in Le Mans, France. This year our representative C2PLUS also attends the event, presents NIVELCO product range.
The VRAC TECH Expo trade show combines all professions, within a wide array of expertise, providing the opportunity for bulk industries and users to focus on the solutions they’re seeking, all in the same place at the same time.
Please visit our partner’s Stand.
  FM approval
18. Aug. 2016.       
We are pleased to announce that after extensive testing and effort NIVELCO’s NIVOTRACK M-500 series with dual compartment aluminium housing awarded first FM (Factory Mutual) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Explosion Proof Certification required by the North American markets.

  New NIPRESS products
27. Jun. 2017.       
The selection of NIVELCO’s pressure sensors has been significantly expanded.
The NIPRESS device family covers the needs of several industries and application areas with its wide selection.
This expansion contains pressure transmitters, differential pressure transmitters and pressure switches. Please find out more about them in our freshly released NIPRESS colour brochure.
  EasyTREK SP-500
15. Jun. 2017.       
The new EasyTREK SP-500 series ultrasonic level transmitters are available to order from the end of June.
The members of the new EasyTREK SP-500 transmitters utilize the latest HART 7 communication protocol and can be recognised from the more compact size, and the increased maximum measuring distance in the specific price range. These features are available at a friendlier price. Thanks to the QUEST+™ advanced signal processing algorithm set the level transmitters provide reliable liquid level measurement in wide range of applications. The devices are available with 1”, 1½”, and 2” process connections.
  TR TS Certification
03. Feb. 2017.       
Esteemed Partners!

We are pleased to inform you that in 2016 the Russian certification of most NIVELCO products has been successfully completed.
The following 9 instrument families received TR TS Certification:
  • Level transmitters:
    EasyTREK, EchoTREK

  • Level switches:

  • Temperature transmitter:
The certificates can be downloaded from our website in the Product ⇒ … ⇒ DownloadProduct Certificates menu section.
We hope that the new product certificates will be a positive impact on sales and we can continue with new product certificates in the future.
  Level transmitters with stainless steel housing
03. Jan. 2017.       
From 2017, five level transmitter families have been expanded with new stainless steel housing versions. In addition to the previously available glass fibre reinforced plastic (PBT) and paint coated aluminium housing the following device families can be ordered with stainless steel (1.4571) housing:
  • MicroTREK (H-600) – guided microwave level
  • NIVOCAP (C-400) – capacitive level transmitters
  • NIVOPRESS (D-700) – hydrostatic level
  • NIVOTRACK (M-700) – magnetostrictive level
  • EchoTREK (SE/SG-300) – ultrasonic level
  New NIVOSWITCH with flameproof housing
12. Dec. 2016.       
The new NIVOSWITCH RN/RM-400 series are available to order. The new vibrating forks with flameproof (Ex d) aluminium die cast housing received ATEX and IECEx explosion proof approvals.
The unauthorized opening of the cover is protected by a safety clamp which is fixed with two hex socket screws.
  NIVELCO’s next FM and CSA approval
25. Oct. 2016.       
We are pleased to announce that after the NIVOTRACK M-500 another NIVELCO product received FM (Factory Mutual) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Approvals Certificate.
The NIVOSWITCH RN/RM-400 series vibrating fork level switches are now suitable for installation in Class I, Division 1, Groups C and D. This new approval belongs to the NIVOSWITCH RN/RM-400 series with stainless steel / polished vibrating fork and flameproof (Ex d) aluminum die cast housing.
Full details can be found in the FM16US0224X and FM16CA0122X certificates which can be downloaded from our website.
  New laser-engraved dataplates
08. Sep. 2016.       
We would like to inform our clients, that the NIVELCO instruments will be manufactured with double layered laser engraved data plates. In addition to the aesthetic appearance these plates are much more precise, legible and time-resistant than the previously used data plates.
Furthermore the pad printed electronics cover also became laser engraved. In the future we move to this more modern solution in all the previously printed texts on instruments.
This change takes place continuously and affects all NIVELCO instruments.
  FM approval
05. Sep. 2016.       
We are pleased to announce that after extensive testing and effort NIVELCO’s NIVOTRACK M-500 series with dual compartment aluminium housing awarded first FM (Factory Mutual) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Explosion Proof Certification required primarily by the North American markets.
30. Jun. 2016.

Black colour PP and PVDF plastic

The transducers of the EchoTREK units, and the full body of the EasyTREK units will be manufactured uniformly with black colour instead of the previously used red (Polypropylene) and dark blue (PVDF) colours.

The change does not only affect the ultrasonic level transmitters for liquid but the EchoTREK STD/SBD-300 and EasyTREK SCD-300 types for solids as well where the housing made of PP plastic, except the ex-type instruments. The two transducer types can be distinguished by the markings engraved into the material.
This change takes place continuously and went gradually.
  ATEX certificate renewal
27. Jun. 2016.       
In April we renewed the ATEX certificate of many product families, just as many special or new version devices obtained ATEX approval, (such as stainless steel housing NIVOTRACK, MicroTREK and EchoTREK) so our choice of explosion-proof devices significantly enlarged.
The changes affect almost all of NIVELCO product range. The updated operating manuals and certificates of the affected devices are available on our website.
  Marine Approval renewal for Level Switches
09. Mar. 2016.       
NIVELCO renewed the BV (Bureau Veritas) marine approval for NIVOMAG MK-200 and NIVOPOINT MZ series magnetic float level switches.
The new approvals are valid until 2021.
  New blue covers for NIVELCO instruments
08. Oct. 2015.       
In the future NIVELCO’s level transmitters and switching devices are manufactured with blue covers for better recognisability instead of the usual off-white colour. The new cover appears both in plastic (PBT) and die-cast aluminium (EN AC 4200) houses.
The new colour does not concern the following devices: EchoTREK S-300/400 ultrasonic level transmitters, NIVOMAG MK magnetic coupling level switches, NIVOPOINT MR magnetic tracking level switches and THERMOCONT TSP temperature sensors.
17. Sep. 2015.

NIVOPRESS N with plastic housing

NIVELCO has been expanded the popular NIVOPRESS N hydrostatic level transmitter family with a new fully plastic housing version using piezoresistive ceramic sensor.

The black plastic, called POM makes NIVOPRESS N borehole transmitters suitable for applications where galvanic corrosion could cause potential damage of stainless steel devices, for example in case of sea water or other saline solutions.
This new housing design is fully made of plastic - unlike the plastic coated stainless steel devices - therefore the diameter of the transmitter not exceeds 24 mm, so it is suitable to use in a 1” tube. The cable coating can be selected from PUR or FEP versions, so the measured medium cannot be in contact with any stainless steel material.
  PiloTREK transmitters with parabolic antenna
23. Jul. 2015.       
The PiloTREK W-100 series Pulse Burst Radars are available to order with stainless steel parabolic antenna. The new DN150 (6”) parabolic antenna design is suitable for the challenges of the materials with low dielectric constant providing a 6 degree sensing cone, which is comparable with the sensing cone of the best of ultrasonics, such as NIVELCO’s Sensonic range of transducers.
  PiloTREK W-100 - integrated type
04. Nov. 2014.       
NIVELCO announces launching a new integrated type in the PiloTREK W-100 Pulse Burst Radar level transmitter family. Besides the cost-savings, this blind version has another great advantage which is the IP68 rated ingress protection providing suitable solution for applications where flood can happen. The integrated plastic housing types can be ordered with plastic encapsulated antenna or with stainless steel horn antenna.
03. Nov. 2014.

NIVOPRESS N with piezoresistive ceramic sensor

The NIVOPRESS N hydrostatic borehole level transmitters have been expanded with new versions in the last few months.

The new NK/NN-400 and ND/NH-400 series are designed especially for the requirements of the water & wastewater industry featuring piezoresistive ceramic sensor. The units have 22 mm (0.85 inch) diameter stainless steel housing and use 4-20 mA + HART output as a standard option.
From now on all NIVOPRESS N transmitters (except the 3/4” threaded types) are equipped with a new stainless steel protecting cap which is more robust and has better resistance against mechanical impacts.
05. May. 2014.

PiloTREK with stainless steel housing

The PiloTREK pulse burst radar level transmitter family have been expanded with a new version in the last few months.

This stainless steel housing type was debuted at the Hannover Messe 2014 trade fair and it meets the special requirements of certain industry segments, such as Food and Beverage, Marine, Oil and Gas.
  New front panel for transmitters
using SAP-300
13. Jan. 2014.       
The transmitters using the latest SAP-300 display module got new front panel along with the SAP-300 plug-in display module itself. The usual black colour of the front panel has been recently changed to blue which can be familiar from the MultiCONT, UNICONT PGK, and the UNICOMM SAK-305 units.
  EView 2 - Configuration Software
11. Dec. 2013.       
NIVELCO′s new EView 2 set-up and configuration software is downloadable free of charge now. The EView 2 is aimed at replacing our EView1, NPCal and PcStar2 programs by integrating and improving their features.
The new EView 2 serves all NIVELCO transmitters old or new and it runs also on computers having the newest 32- or 64-bit Windows versions. The new user interface provides an ease of use tool for transmitter configuration, remote programming and limited monitoring of measurement results.

Main features:
  • Query, edit, load & save transmitter parameters
  • Easy editing for linearisation table entries
  • Echo Map displaying
  • Sensor calibrations
  • Limited trend monitoring
  • Handling basic HART commands in case of non-NIVELCO transmitters
The EView 2 can be downloaded free by clicking on the red arrow. Do not hesitate to give it a try! For further information please contact with the export sales department.
  NIVOCAP CK-100 RF-capacitance level switches
04. Nov. 2013.       
NIVELCO announces launching its high performance Capacitance Level Switch range. The NIVOCAP CK-100 RF (high-frequency) capacitance level switches featuring rigid and flexible probe extensions up to 10m. The most advantageous feature of NIVOCAP CK-100 is that the device is less sensitive to deposits. As a result of that it is excellent choice for adhering and sticky media better than their rival technologies, the vibration or rotary paddle level switches.

Main features:
  • Intelligent electronic level switch
  • Immunity to build-ups
  • Easy calibration, selectable sensitivity
  • Fail-safe operation mode
  • Rod or cable extended versions
  • High temperature version
  • Dust-Ex models



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